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Your Bridal Shoes
Possibly the MOST Important Choice You'll Make!
"I could have danced all night ..."
You definitely won't be singing that tune if your feet hurt! Selecting the shoes to wear on your wedding day may very well be the most important choice you make.

Here are 5 great tips to help ease the pain!
1. If you are wearing a long gown, it's likely that no one will ever see your feet. Some brides wear ballet slippers or decorated tennis shoes under their gowns!
2. If you want the added height that a heel provides, consider a platform style shoe.
3. Shop for your shoes in the Spring, especially around Easter! There's a huge selection of white shoes at most shoe stores. With larger selections, you aren't relegated to the "typical" bridal shoe and you have a better chance of finding a comfortable pair!
4. If you MUST have heels and you just can't stand platform shoes, opt for a wider heel instead of a pointy one. Also, go for an open-toe or square-toe shoe. The wider heel and squared-toe will provide a better foundation for your foot. This is also where a more expensive pair of shoes might pay off. Typically, designer shoes are made with more padding and support for the foot than the cheapies.

5. Break your shoes in!  Wear them around the house and practice dancing in them. Your bridal shoes are going to be like any other new shoes you've bought during the course of your lifetime. How many times have you gotten sore feet and blisters the first time you wore a new pair of shoes? Trust us, your wedding shoes are NO different!

One other quick tip --- try walking in your shoes on a surface similar to the aisle you will be walking down. If the soles are slick, you may want to apply some non-slip pads so you don't fall on your caboose!

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